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GHE Health Screening Camp Volunteers, Colonial Heights, Virginia 


Overtime, GHE has come to believe that high quality compassionate healthcare to uninsured and under insured poor and indigent residents of the Greater Richmond area is needed on a regular basis and therefore, GHE has launched a Free Health Clinic to meet those needs. Emergency Dental Care will also be provided on a limited basis.

Charity Food Distribution

Health Awareness Lecture

Health and Wellness Awareness Lecture

Emergency (Dental Care)

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An important part of our organizations is the dedicated work of local volunteers. With an in-depth understanding of the needs of their neighbors, the health volunteers  advance disease prevention and management and provide vital peer support to patients with or at risk of developing NCDs.     Our volunteers have helped many local people with education campaigns, screening and care of NCDs.  Please contact us for becoming a Volunteer.  Our entire management team is comprised of Volunteers like you, motivated to support the weakest link of our Global Community. Join us in forwarding humanity’s cause: Bridge the gap in basic necessities of health issues and educational opportunities for those most in need. Please contact us for Volunteering Opportunities.

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Your Generous Donations will bring a HEALTHIER and BETTER future for poor and indigent people living in underserved areas.